WranglerFix Helps Rescue BleepinJeep

See the 9:45 and 27:15 marks.

Have you ever taken a vehicle in to have it worked on and wondered if you got ripped off? Like a unicorn in your muffler cost $700 for removal or the flux capacitor was getting old so we updated it for $3,000. Well in this case Colt was charged a bunch of money for a 5 minute TEMPORARY fix. So we took it upon ourselves to see if we could actually repair it and for less money. We also get a Corvair running that MattsOffRoadRecovery had Colt pick up that had been sitting in a field for 20 years. Matt then chose to drive it all the way home from South Dakota to Southern Utah but you’ll have to see their video on how that trip went. So this video has lots of vehicle repair and revival for all you gearheads!

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