Dodge, Chryslers and Jeeps are no strangers to circuit board issues. Specifically the 2005-06 TJ PCM problem, which unfortunatly without a recall, legal action, or support from the manufacturer has left many Jeep owners stranded.

That is until now!

Because the stock Jeep PCM’s cannot simply be rebuilt, this was not an easy fix for us. (Same exact issue with 06-07 SRT-8 Grand Cherokees that we also solved!) When the 05-06 TJ PCM fails, it’s virtually impossible to repair. I equate it to trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I sent the OEM PCM to two major repair companies that came BACK with the same conclusion: DOA!

Here’s what we did to solve the issue:

  • Purchased an 05 Wrangler
  • Purchased a working PCM ($2500.00 at the time)
  • Our techs identified a Chrysler OEM part that most closely mimics the 05-06 TJ’s and configured the hardware and software to come up with the only true Wrangler PCM Fix!

It’s important to mention that because of the software configuration, our PCM’s will not support tuners, superchargers or updates/flashes from the dealer.  However, it will perform all functions of the OEM PCM and pass emissions in every state!

This post is in response to a number of questions I have had on the solutions we provide. I hope this answers some of your questions and/or concerns and I look forward to serving you!

Mark Cantrell