Jeep Wrangler Module Test


Is your Jeep Wrangler having running issues? Do you suspect that it might be due to a bad PCM, ECM, ECU, or computer module? If so, before you go throwing money at the problem, consider sending your module to us so that we can test it for you in our shop. If it does end up being that your module is faulty we apply the cost to the purchase of a remanufactured Wrangler Fix PCM!

NOTE: Customer is responsible for shipping PCM into us for repair. The shipping costs paid during checkout is for the PCM being returned to you. 



For “ECM”, “ECU”, “PCM”, “TCM”, the term “MODULE” is used and is interchangeable.

For years 1987 through 2018 only!

Is your Jeep having running issues? Do you suspect that it might be the computer? Let us test your MODULE for you and rule it out as the potential cause of your issues.

It’s as simple as sending in your MODULE. Once received, we will diagnose it in one of our Wranglers. We have several certified Jeep Wranglers that we use to test your MODULE.

If your MODULE passes our tests without any issues, we will send you a report (if available) for any known issues that could potentially be causing your Jeep to not function properly.

When sending in your MODULE, please be sure to give us the following information:

  1. List your DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODES (DTCs) and any issues that you may be having with your MODULE.
  2. What can we do to recreate your issue?
  3. Does your module have a tune? if yes, what kind of tune and who tuned it?

NOTE: This diagnostic service is non-refundable, but the entire amount (including add-ons) can be applied to our repair service or to a replacement with one of our remanufactured units which meets or exceeds Chrysler / Mopar factory standards.

Available Add-Ons

  • Program or re-program to latest software release by Chrysler: $50 (This is what Chrysler charges shops and dealers to program the MODULE, we do not mark it up.)

(Warning: any tunes you may have programmed to your MODULE will be wiped out and must be tuned back in. does not offer any tunes or tuning.)