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Our company is based in South Florida and specializes in Jeep Wrangler PCM repair. Our techs have more than 40 years of experience going back as far as Apple II’s, TRS-80’s and 300 baud modems! We’re geeks and proud of it!

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The only proven fix for the 05-06 TJ Wrangler PCM! 

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As fellow Jeep owners and 30+ years in the ECM industry, we quickly became aware of this PCM issue and are happy to say that we have a solution that actually works!

Each repaired PCM is tested on our ‘05 Wrangler to give you that extra assurance your PCM issues are gone forever!
We aren’t a junk yard jumping, attitude giving ECM company! We solve electronic issues, provide high-quality parts and take tremendous pride in our work!
The PCM comes with a 1 year warranty with an additional year available for $75.00. There is no core return necessary as the PCMs ARE NOT REBUILDABLE!
I look forward to earning your business one PCM at a time!

Mark Cantrell

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WranglerFix.com is owned and operated by me. It is my policy to bring you flawless products and I hold all of my customers in high regard. I will never do anything that is not righteous. I will not spam or spy on you or your cookies. I will never share your information with anyone, especially not a third party. I will present all information on this site accurately and all of the testimonials are real testimonials from real people. I am committed to keeping your e-mail addresses confidential. I will use your e-mail address solely to provide timely information on an order as needed or to verify an order or payment. 
Mark Cantrell

Special Thanks 

We would like to send a special thank you to Glen at Ozzstar for dedicating so much time, effort and energy into making the repair video! His expertise and internet credibility are the reason you’re on this site! Please take a moment to subscribe, like and support his YouTube channel! 
Here is a link to Glen’s YouTube channel! Please subscribe, like and support his work!

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