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Jeep computer (ECM/ECU/PCM) repair

Cluster Repair

Jeep Skim Reset

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What we do

Testing, Repairs, Rebuild, New and Used Modules

PCM/ECU Repairs

Full service Jeep Wrangler PCM/ECU failure troubleshooting and repair. Most repairs can be completed and shipped back to you within 48 hours. 

Rebuilt/Refurbished Jeep ECM’s

We carry a limited inventory of new and rebuilt Jeep PCM/ECU’s ready to ship. Our units are rigorously tested and guaranteed to work for the life of your vehicle.  

PCM Flashing and Programming

We can perform factory programming and flashing of your Jeep Wrangler PCM/ECU. This can result in greater performance and increased fuel effeciency.

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