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Our WranglerFix certified PCM comes delivered plug and drive with a one year warranty. Please note that our PCM cannot be tuned, supercharged, or taken to the dealer to be updated or flashed. We charge $573.00 for the automatic transmission option and $742.00 for the manual PCM, both include our standard 12-month warranty. An additional year warranty is available at checkout for $75

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Our WranglerFix custom PCM comes delivered plug and drive with a one year warranty. Our PCM cannot be tuned, supercharged, or taken to the dealer to be updated or flashed. An additional year warranty is available at checkout for $75

4 reviews for 05/06 TJ Wrangler PCM

  1. DrRadar – Wranglerforum.com

    I spent months earlier this year trying to troubleshoot and fix 2005 Wrangler problems – P0700, multiple P16xx, bad shifting, limp mode out of the blue, etc. Wasted money trying to get help at a tranny shop. Based on forums, finally concluded it was a flaky PCM. Jeep said the part was no longer available. I couldn’t identify a vendor I could trust to sell and back a product; thought about rolling the dice but just couldn’t do it. Left the Jeep in the garage for months.

    When I revisited my problem last month, I learned of wranglerfix.com from Ozzstar on YouTube and decided to call Mark at Wranglerfix, who explained how they tackled the problem without relying on used, salvage Jeep PCMs. I found on forums several other positive experiences with wranglerfix.com and not one negative. I ordered the part which took about two weeks to arrive. I was happy to wait as Mark explained that they test the particular unit to be shipped in their Jeep for a few days before shipping.

    Took five minutes to install. Jeep fired right up. No concerns after a week but only about 50 miles so far. Passed Texas state inspection.

    I hope the fix is durable, and I have no reason to believe it’s not…time will tell.

    I am very thankful that wranglerfix.com took an interest in providing a solution (and at a reasonable $573) to this problem in a niche market.

  2. David B

    So after reading reviews, surfing the net, I finally settled on WranglerFix to replace my faulty PCM. I have a 2005 Rubicon 6 speed, and when I bought it the CEL was illuminated, and codes were the ones related to all 4 O2 sensors being bad at once.
    Made the order to Mark at WranglerFix, but unit didn’t come. Mark immediately contacted me to let me know they were still working on the 6 speed manual fix, and that more time was needed. Long story short I waited about a week, all the while Mark was assuring me it was coming. I decided to just cancel the order because my ’05 was running fine, just the CEL and accompanying codes.
    Mark contacted me and immediately refunded my money, but assured me that not only was he going to get the fix done correctly, but ship it to me overnight, wait until I was fully satisfied…and then and then only would he charge me.
    He was a man of his word, and actually contacted me several times giving details about what they were experiencing with it, what the techs were saying, and when it should be done.
    Well, this Friday I received the unit, installed it, and BAM – no more CEL, no more codes. Everything worked perfectly. Ran it Friday, Saturday, and some today (about 55 miles), and no issues whatsoever.
    I contacted Mark via email to thank him, and to tell him to charge my Visa again. He called me and we had a nice chat, and he said if there is any issues let him know.

    Now, during the time of my fix order (which was about $532 or so), Mark was informed by his techs that the fix for the Manual’s was more expensive due to the part(s) they needed to use. So, he told me that he would even honor the original amount I had placed my order for, and not up it to cover his cost for the new parts.
    He also shared that someone had actually been very rude to him saying he was giving them the run around, or trying the ole “bait-and-switch” on his website. He explained to them that this issue had just arisen, and that he had to change the price to cover the additional issue(s). They were rude, he said, and asked for a refund…which he gave, no problem.
    Now, I can’t speak for that person, but I will say that even if Mark hadn’t agreed to charge me the original amount for my fix that I still would have paid the extra amount. I have spoken with him many times, and I can usually spot someone who is trying to pull a fast one – and I will personally attest: MARK AIN’T THAT GUY!

    I see in the forums that many of the guys run the automatics, and the associated problems the PCM’s are giving them. I also see several vids and testimonies from those who have ordered from Mark and WranglerFix that attest to his honesty.
    So here I am, a 6 speed manual average Joe from Kentucky, giving my 2 cents worth. If you want it fixed, if you want the CEL off, codes gone, correctly working PCM, then WranglerFix is your place. Mark is honest, works hard to satisfy, and doesn’t mince words. If it’s a problem, he will go out of his way to fix it.

    I would think that with so few options out there for this fix that even the toughest meathead would need to loosen up and give him a chance.

    Happy jeeping!

    David B

  3. 98Heap – Wranglerforum.com

    First of all, I apologize in advance for the lengthy post. I was planning on adding this into one of the numerous threads that already exists about this problem, but my experience with a WranglerFix.com PCM was a bit different. After discussing with Mark Cantrell at WranglerFix, I feel it only fair to tell the whole story for others that might be considering or have reservations about using them for the “hard shifting between 1st and 2nd gear” problem that I know that some ’05’s and ’06’s experience.

    I do have an ’06 LJ with the automatic transmission, and was experiencing what some others have with a very delayed then hard shift between 1st and 2nd gear. My problem usually occurred if the engine and the transmission weren’t both up to operating temperature, but after everything warmed up it worked just fine.

    After a ton of research and conversations with both FS1 and Mark over at WranglerFix, I decided to give WF a shot as it was a lower entry price, Mark seems to really know what he is talking about, and he appeared to be willing to stand behind his product if there was an issue. So over two weeks ago I placed an order and received my WF PCM late on a Wednesday, then installed on Thursday afternoon only to find the that Jeep would start, but then die a couple of seconds later. I tried several different things with the same result each time. I called Mark who immediately answered and promised to correct the issue. By Friday afternoon I had a return label to ship the PCM back at HIS expense and they had it in their hands on Monday.

    The technician looked at the PCM, and in WranglerFix words, there was some type of corruption in their program that caused the SKIM system to enable, but my Jeep doesn’t have SKIM, so the Jeep just shut off. They reflashed the same PCM, shipped it Priority 1-day, once again at his expense. Unfortunately the Postal Service failed miserably and I didn’t get the PCM until Thursday evening. This did not fall on Mark or WranglerFix. In fact, my wife commented that I talked to Mark more than I talked to her because he communicated frequently with me thoroughly and frequently through the whole ordeal.

    The end result was a running Jeep on Thursday afternoon. I then took the LJ on a 700 mile off roading trip through the Georgia Traverse without a single CEL, hard shift, or any other issue. I had the original PCM in my tool kit, but never needed it.

    In summary, I am extremely happy with the results. It has only been a few days, and only a few hundred miles, but I have already had better results than I would after unplugging the battery to try to make the old PCM behave. In my opinion, the product works, and when it doesn’t, Mark and his team do whatever it takes to correct the issue. Each owner has to do what they think is best for their Jeep, but I’m glad that I took a chance on WranglerFix.

    Dec 17

  4. Eric L. (verified owner)

    Several months ago I ordered a PCM for my 05′ TJ. I don’t peruse the Jeep forums too much. Hit and miss. But not enough to give you a shout out and make it matter. Nonetheless; I just wanted to say that my 05′ TJ has been running excellently since I put in your PCM.

    I was informed about you, thru a Jeep TJ Forum member. (mrblaine). Kudos to him for your directing me to your website.


    Thank you for your work and effort in supplying a fix for us ‘old’ Jeep owners that have been cast away by the Mopar brand.

    Without your effort and diligence in making PCMs for us owners of older Jeeps; These Wranglers would be something knowledgeable folks would stay away from.

    Seriously; Chrysler/Jeep/fiat owes you an immeasurable debt for keeping these old Jeeps running. For keeping the brand on the road.

    Keep up the good work. Thank you.



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